Monday, 30 December 2013

20 facts about me

20 facts about me:

  1. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.
  2. I always love clothes when I buy it but after 1 week of owning it I generally start to dislike it, I'm very fussy!
  3. My cutlery must be matching, both from the same set.
  4. My favourite grapes are green and small, they are nice a sour!
  5. I love pasta! Its the best and pasta bake is my favourite meal.
  6. I have loads of funky socks, I have panda ones, fruit ones, and fluffy socks with bear faces and ears on the toes. 
  7. I am currently studying childcare after doing A levels last year and disliking them.
  8. I got 1 A*, 1 A, 5 B's, and 2 C's in my GCSE's.
  9. I dance in a dance crew and we have competed at 3 UDO world championships, all of them we have got into the final and in 2013 we came 5th in the over 18 intermediate category.
  10. I don't eat very much meat but I do eat, mince, chicken, and sausages sometimes. 
  11. The A levels that I did last year and the grades that I achieved, Geography A, Sociology B, Biology C, and Dance PASS.
  12. I am obsessed with Youtube and that is why I have started a blog, because talking about make up, fashion and general life seems like so fun and so far I am loving it!
  13. Since going to college my best friends from school are not  friends any more, I only speak to one of them.
  14. My favourite colour is orange but I never wear orange because it looks horrible on me. I also love mint green.
  15. I love sweets they are just the yummiest things ever! Crisps and sweets are my weaknesses.
  16. I am very weird like seriously strange but when people first meet me I am like a mouse and if I don't feel comfortable around you I will be so quiet and shy. 
  17. I love holidays, mainly just Christmas and Easter but I hate Birthdays, they are worst I just don't like the attention and the pressure to do something exciting when I all I want to do is relax!
  18. I don't think I have met one decent boy they are all so stupid, blurgghh.//
  19. I am running out of ideas now.
  20. I hope your all well! I am looking forward to my next post on Tuesday, a New Years Resolutions list. Thanks for reading! Byee x

What I got for Christmas 2013!

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, I'm back and I am going to show you what I got for Christmas. I got so many perfect presents and I am so grateful for the thought all of my family put into them. As everyone says I am not bragging and if you don’t like posts like this then just don’t read it. There are people that get given a lot more than me and people that get given a lot less. But I'm happy with whatever I get as to me it’s more about the thought and that people care about me enough to buy or make me a present no matter how small! So let’s get started,

Firstly my main present from my parents was a Marc Jacobs Honey perfume gift set, which is such a sweet and delicious fragrance I love it! They also got me the Revlon colourstay foundation, baby lips in cherry me, Rimmel Kate moss lipstick 80,rimmel stay glossy lipstick in always lovely, rimmel apocalips in celestial, a dance letters for my room, a Clementine jelly belly candle and an owl purse.

My Grandma always gives me some money for me to spend and this year I bought some jeans and a bag, I then had ten pounds left which has gone towards some new boots I am buying. She also bought me a big tub of haribo, and some earrings.
From the rest of my family friends Auntie’s and Uncles I got given money, a nest voucher and a new look voucher. I also got given some soap and chocolate along with these gifts.

My best friend gave me the bracelet in the picture, the bunting , and a nail kit which isn't in the picture.

I have thanked everyone for all of my presents and I truly am so grateful I have been so lucky as I am every year! Thanks for reading leave me a comment telling me what you got for Christmas or what you gave to somebody else! Bye x

Thursday, 17 October 2013

A Late September Favourites

Right so it's practically November but I did write this on around the 8th of October... but I haven't got round to taking the pictures till now.. sorry! I hope you enjoy it anyway!
Okay so this is my September favourites this might be late but I'm doing it anyway :)

I am going to try to keep this short and snappy with this post mainly photo based nice a simple!

1- ELF Blush (unsure of name) (£3.75 from eyes lips face)

  • Pretty matte orange blush, not too orangey nice tone.

2- MUA Blush (mosaic blush in English rose) (£2.50 from superdrug)

  • Lovely colour, very natural, shimmery.

3- MUA eye shadow palette (undress me too) (£4.00 from superdrug)

  • Everyday colours, bendable, highly pigmented for the price, reasonably long staying time.

4- Maybelline 24hr colour tattoo (pink gold) (£4.99 from boots)

  • Stays well, pretty colour, nice texture.

5- Collection 16hr lasting perfection concealer (light 2) (3.19 from boots)
  • Lasts a long time, good shade match, good coverage, not cakey.

6- Daisy Skirt ( Tesco)
  • Cute pattern, easy to style, can be worn in both the summer and the winter.

7- Flower dress (Eden)
  • Lovely pattern, good length, again seasonal.

8- Heart jumper ( Next Sale)
  • Sweet pattern, nice comfy material, simple, sparkly multi-coloured thread gives a nice overall style.

9- Soap and glory sugar crush body wash (boots £6.50)
  • Lovely fragrance, wakes you up in the morning, scent lasts.

10- Necklace
  • Love the style, cute, good length.

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked it, I am going to post another post on Monday and then another one on Wednesday :) I have ordered around £40 worth of make up from eyeslipsface (elf) and I think I might do another haul but I'm not sure if anyone is interested in this, if you are then pleasee can you comment down below yes, because I want to upload content that you are interested in...


Saturday, 5 October 2013

E.L.F Review

About 2 months ago I purchased a few items from elf and I thought I would share them with you and a short review of each product. I got everything half price when they had an offer on which was great but I wish I had bought some more things while that offer was on. I know that they have offers on all of the time but that one was super good!

Firstly I bought the elf professional mascara primer, I like how this products packaging looks. However, as far as this item as a mascara primer I don’t really have any strong opinions. I do think that this products does help to lengthen my lashes and make mascara application much easier as I am not very good at applying mascara as I always get it everywhere! So for this reason I do like this product, I also find that it makes my mascara much less clumpy which is a bonus. Although I personally like this product I have not tried any other mascara primers before so if someone that had tried them before did try this product they might not like it as I do. But I do think it is a good start to mascara primers and it very cheap so suited my budget.

Next I purchased the elf duo eye shadow cream in butter pecan. This product does have some uses for me but I hardly ever use it because I find it has hardly any pigmentation. As is very sticky when I first apply it compared to my other cream eye shadows. But I do use this eye shadow about one a month on one of those days that I do not want a strong eye look and I want something very natural. But I do want to put something on just to improve the overall look of my eyes. If you want something very natural then I would still not recommend this product as I think you can get better eye shadows for the money.

I also bought the shimmering facial whip in spotlight; I wanted this product to use as a highlight for my cheeks. I do not like the consistency of this product as it is very sticky and does not spread very easily. I also do not think that it makes all that much of a difference but then again I have not tried a highlighter before so this was a first experience. I do use this on occasion but I would not recommend It.

Next I have the elf blush, now I’m not really sure what colour I got this blush in , but it is a orangey toned pink which is mate. I love this blush I think the colour really suits my skin tone (which is super pale) I adds colour without making me look orange or like I have clown cheeks. It lasts a reasonably long time for the price. I would defiantly recommend this blush I used it everything when I first got it but recently I have been using a new different one (Mua’s English rose blush) but I really do love this product.

I also bought a super glossy lip shine in party peach. I like this product in terms of the colour but I do not like the texture it is very sticky and does not even last very long. I also find that although I do like the colour it is not very pigmented and can sometimes only last about 10 minutes before looking like I have nothing on my lips what so ever. So I would not recommend this product and would defiantly not buy another one.

My mum also bought 2 lip sticks in bare brown and rosy raisin, she likes the colour of the rosy raisin one but she finds the bare brown lipstick too brown for her lips. She has also said that she does not think that they last very long but the pigmentation is ok for the price of 2.50 (normally 5.00 but we got everything ½ price).

Finally I have a product that was given to me by my sister because she did not want it and this is an elf matte eye shadow. Again I do not know what shade this is in but it is a very plain grey with slight purple tones in my eyes anyway. I have since been onto the elf website and looked at their matte eye shadows but I cannot find anyone that matches the one that I have but at a guess I would think it could be the smoke matte eye shadow. However, I hate this eye shadow I never use it I am not sure whether this is because it is matte and I am not a fan of matte eye shadows or because it is grey a colour that I never wear. I try to blend it into some of my other lighter eye shadow colours into my crease but it just completely ruins the eye shadow. So I have now stopped using it and I would like to find a friend to give it to but I can’t really think of anyone! 

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Homemade Ice Lollies

Soo as its lovely and hot in the UK I have decided to make some smoothie ice lollies. I thought that I might aswell make a blog post on it so enjoy!

Sorry about the bad photo quality, but they where super yummy and i would highly reccomend they as they are super quick and healthy :)

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Recent Purchases

Sooo... I thought I would share some things i have bought this week :)

1. Bag from primark

This is a satchel style bag which was a complete bargin of just 8 pounds. It feels reasonably good quality for the price and is made of a faux leather material. 

I really love this bag as It Is the perfect size and can go with most outfits.
They also had it in a pink and brown colours if you prefer those colours :)

2. Dress from primark

This dress was only 17 pounds and has a lovely mint green skirt section and a cream top section. I love the colar it has such pretty lace, jewel and pearl detail. It is made of polyester and feels lovely and light, it could be worn either without tights with sandels in the summer of dressed up with heels for the evenng or evening with thick tights and boots in the winter.

3. top from primark

This top was only four pounds and has a pretty bird patern and has no sleves, this could also be worn in the summer with shorts or in the winter with leggings and a cardigan.

4. Garnier soft essentials comforting toner for dry skin

So far i like this as a toner for my skin as my skin is very dry and this does not dry out my skin. However, i have used better toners before but they often used to dry out my skin ( e.g liz earle instant boost skin tonic)  so i personally prefer this one. Also I got this free as boots are running  a buy one get one free offer on some garnier skin products so I got thos for free but I think that Its usual price is very reasonable.

5. Garnier moisture match dry to very dry skin
 As i mentioned i have dry skin and so far i have loved this prodyct it is very moisturising, has a lovely smooth texture and sinks into the skin very quickly.

However, if you have oily skin then this would not be the produt for you but, in garniers new moisture match range they have moisturisers for different skin types which i think is good so have a look at these the next time you run out of moisturiser. 

So thats the end of this post its been pretty long and picture based but i hope you enjoyed it. Please leave comments if you want to and please follow me it would make my day! Thanka for reading, have a great day!

Bye bye x