Thursday, 13 June 2013

Balmi Lip Balm!

So recently i was looking for a new lip balm, i suffer from quite dry lips especially in the summer and winter. I was getting a little bit fed up of Vaseline as it does not look very nice on your lips and just looks greasy and gross. I was browsing through boots and found a lip balm by 'balmi' which i recognised from some beauty youtubers videos ( i think mainly from Sprinkle of Glitter). So i decided to give it a bash and i think that it was about £4.99, which isnt too bad but for a lip balm is a little on the pricey side if it isnt all that great. 
I bought the strawberry version in a square container from boots. 

I have had it for about 2 weeks now and i absolutely love the texture, scent and finish that it i gives to my lips. My lips and now moisturised and healthy! However, when i first started using it i was using it very frequently throughout the day, i found that this caused it to be used up quickly which was disappointing as it was five pounds. But i have not started only applying it in the evenings before i go to bed and in the mornings before i leave, i find that this is much better as it means it will last longer and still work its magic. 
It claims to give your lips long lasting daily care and protection, even for sensitive skin. It also claims to leave your lips moisturised, soft and super smooth. I totally love this lip balm and i think that it lives up to its claims and i would defiantly recommend this product to a friend. 

I think that i will repurchase this item once it has run out as it is overall a very good product, after i apply i before bed when i wake up my lips still feel soft and moisturised which is great! I also love the packaging as it is so unique and is defiantly my favourite lip balm at the moment! 

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