Friday, 16 May 2014

Evening Skincare Routine

I pour this onto 2 cotton pads and wipe each one around my eye taking extra care as this is a very delicate area. Making sure all of my eye make up has been removed.

I pump around 5-8 pumps of the oil into my fingers and rub it into my dry skin and massage it into my skin. I then put water into my hands and again rub my face and after around 3-4 minutes of massaging then I will wash it off using warm water and a wash cloth. 

Next I get some of this butter and massage it into my skin in circular motions for around 2-4 minutes 

I then splash some water onto my face and massage some of this wash into my skin again in circular motions and after 1-2 minutes I will mash it of with a damp wash cloth. 

I take a small amount of this scrub on a finger and rub it into my lips and wash it off with a wash cloth.

I will spray some of this onto my face around 6-10 squirts and I wait for it to air dry.

I take a will either pour 1 drop on a cotton bud a rub it into any break out I have changing the cotton bud for each area of my face. Other days I might add 3-4 drops of the oil into my moisturiser.

Then I take a scoop of this cream and massage it into my face and neck until it has been absorbed. 

I will simply massage 6-8 drops off this into my skin a let I dry and sink in overnight.

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