Monday, 12 May 2014

Morning Skincare Routine

So I thought I would share with you my morning skincare routine which is pretty simple because I never really have much time in the morning to get ready so this is really easy and affordable to try out. 

Firstly I use the Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash in the shower I just wash my hands, squeeze some of this in my hands and simply massage it into my face in circular motions for around 2 minutes. It is only £8.00 which is pretty affordable and I think it is nice and moisturising if you have dry skin.

Then when I am out of the shower I use the Tea Tree Water from Lush I either just squirt this onto my face and let if dry or I take a cotton pad, spray it onto there and dab it onto my face. I really like this product as it is nice and fresh and I really feel like it helps to wake up and revitalise my skin. This is just £7.50 which is not bad as it is antibacterial which can help to fight and prevent break outs. But you can also buy a smaller version for just £3.95 which would be great to try it out.

Finally I use the Nivea Pure & Natural Soothing Day Cream, which is nice a moisturising and acts as a nice base to smooth out my skin before applying make up. This is super affordable as it is only £5.35 but it always on offer in supermarkets and superdrug, and a pot really does last a long time. I have probably repurchased this product around 10 times that is how much I like it and think it does its job well!

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